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The COMMUNITY WATER SYSTEM is a public water system subject to regulation under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Those regulations require the notification of customers whenever a violation occurs, and is the basis for this notice.

Only 19 of the required 20 valid bacteriological sample results, were received during February 2022.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets drinking water standards and has determined that the presence of total coliforms is a possible health concern.

The water system did not conduct the required monitoring or obtain valid results for total coliform bacteria during this time period and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of the drinking water at the time.

Failure to meet this requirement does not necessarily mean that the water is unsafe or that alternate sources of water should be used.


The Water System has resumed normal sampling protocol for the past 13 months.  

Should you have any questions concerning this notice, contact the water system at 501-825-7294 or the Engineering Section of the Department of Health at 501-661-2623.