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Installation Regulations

Service Line Installation Regulations

  • The Arkansas Plumbing Code is a minimum standard for water service line installations and plumbing inspections
  • The installer of the line must be the property owner or a licensed master plumber.
  • For your protection, we recommend the installation of the thermal expansion tank within the household plumbing system.
  • Shut-Off Valve: A shut-off valve will be located in your service access box. If your service line is long, a second shut-off valve installed closer to your residence might provide quicker, more convenient access.
  • Dual-Check Valve: A dual-check valve will also be located inside your service access box. Additional check valves or other backflow prevention devices may be required depending on the potential cross-connection hazards present on your side of the meter. This determination is done for the purpose of cross-connection control and will be made at the date of application for service and revivified by the plumbing inspector at the time of inspection.
  • Pressure Regulator: A pressure regulator is required on all service lines where main line working pressure can exceed 50 psi. We recommend that the regulator be installed inside the customer access box for the protection of the service line.
  • Service Line Sizing: These are the recommended sizes for service lines.
    • 100 feet or less................................... 3/4" pipe
    • 100 feet to 300 feet............................ 1" pipe
    • 300 feet to 500 feet............................ 1-1/2" pipe
    • 500 feet and up.................................... 2" pipe
  • Service Line Piping Material: Piping material must be PVC Schedule 40, Class 200 PVC or Black Roll Polyethylene Piping with a pressure rating of 200 psi or greater. All fittings must be 200 psi or greater pressure rated.
  • Depth: Service lines must have a soil cover of 18" or more. No rock larger than 2" shall be placed back in the trench within 12" of the pipe.
  • Connections: If the service line is being connected to an existing well line, a 6' section of the well piping must be removed from the trench and the line capped off.


Please call Community Water System 24 hours prior to any necessary inspections Phone 825-7294 or 1-800-234-2971

Standard Tap Fees and Inspection Rates

When a customer requests a new service tape, CWS does it's best to provide all applicable fees. However, if road crossings are involved, complete pricing information may not be available on the first visit or contact. Customer fees will be provided under the following categories.

These categories make up the complete list of customer fees:

  • Tap Fee (for particular meter size up to 1")
  • Meter Deposit
  • Plumbing Inspection Fees
  • Special Equipment, i.e. pressure regulators, backflow preventers, etc. Road bores needed for 1" or smaller meter installations under paved road crossings. Open cut for dirt and gravel roads to install 1" and smaller meters. Road bores for lines larger than 1" will be brought to the manager’s attention and priced as a special service condition.

The following customer fees will be available on the first trip:

  • Tap Fee
  • Plumbing Inspection Fee
  • Meter Deposit
  • Specially Equipment, i.e. pressure regulators, backflow preventers, etc.

Additional charges (involving road crossings) will be available when:

  1. customer has marked the desired meter location with a CWS blue flag
  2. has verified the placement of the flag with the CWS office,
  3. a CWS representative has confirmed the location as acceptable, and
  4. Communicates cost of road crossings to CWS office.

Customers may initiate the tap and reserve a place in line for service by signing a "Water Service and Easement Agreement", a "Road Crossing Addendum" and paying tap fees, meter deposits, plumbing inspection fee and specialty equipment charges. Pre-paying of such fees is optional. Customers may elect to make payment after all fees are calculated and verified.

Tap Fee Chart:

  • For meter sizes of 5/8" and 3/4", the tap fee is $1300.00
  • For a 1" meter, the tap fee is $1650.00
  • For 1-1/2" meters or larger, a cost estimate will be required.

Inspection Fees:

  • $35.00 per inspection.
  • New home built on a slab normally requires three (3) inspections or $105.00
  • New home with a crawl space normally requires two (2) inspections or $70.00
  • An existing home needing a service line only, requires one (1) inspection or $35.00

Normal Fees May Include:

(This example is for a home built on a slab needing a meter 5/8" to 3/4" in size.)

  • Tap fee (listed above)
  • Inspection fee (listed above)
  • *Pressure Regulator
  • ** Meter Deposit

*Community Water System strongly recommends that a pressure regulator be installed. We will install the pressure regulator, if purchased from CWS, at no additional charge, during tap installation. However, you can purchase a pressure regulator from another source and let your plumber install it for you. * The size of the meter requested determines the cost of the meter deposit required. (See chart above)

Additional information that will also be required

  1. 911 address / physical address
  2. Mailing address
  3. Driver’s License number, or Social Security number