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I. Purpose

The purpose of the Meter Reconnect Policy is to help maintain a steady revenue stream for the purpose of keeping the cost of providing water to all of our customers affordable.

In a rural water supply system, certain levels of customers are used in designing infrastructure, and in calculating the debt service that can be used to build that infrastructure and still keep the cost of providing water to its customers affordable to them. It is therefore vital that each meter within the system continues to support the system by paying its proportional share of the costs to provide water service at that location.

The meter reconnect fee is designed to recoup some of the lost revenues (while a meter was disconnected) that are needed to keep the cost of providing water affordable to all customers.

II. Policy

A reconnect fee will be charged for each billing period that the meter has not been in service up to a maximum of ten (10) billing periods. The fee is currently $30.00 per billing period. Additionally, service fees, meter deposits, etc. will be added as applicable in the circumstances. Unless other arrangements have been made, all applicable fees are payable at the time of the reconnection.