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I. Amount

The meter deposit for all new connections or reconnections is $100.

II. Deposit Waiver

The deposit may be waived if the new owner/occupied residential customer has a letter of credit from an immediate utility. No waivers for the meter deposit for other than owner/occupied residential customers will be allowed.

III. Deposit Refund Criteria

  1. Only owner/occupied residential customers are eligible to have their deposit applied to their account prior to the settling of their final invoice.
  2. The customer must have had a continuous twenty four (24) month period with no penalties.

IV. Deposit Reinstatement

  1. If the owner/occupied residential customer has previously had their meter deposit either waived or refunded, they will be required to redeposit a meter deposit (at the prevailing rate) if they have had their water disconnected for non-payment.
  2. If a customer has had their service disconnected for non-payment and their meter deposit has been applied against that outstanding invoice, they will be required to redeposit a meter deposit at the prevailing rate at the time they want to be reconnected to the system.

If a meter deposit must be reinstated, it will be added to the customers invoice after reinstatement is required and be paid in full with that invoice.

V. Settling of Final Invoice

At the time the customer disconnects from the system, voluntarily or involuntarily, the meter deposit will be refunded to the customer after their final invoice has been paid in full. If the meter deposit has been applied to the final invoice, only the remaining balance will be refunded. If however, the meter deposit does not cover the final invoice, the customer is still responsible for the balance.