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Community Water System has postponed its second of three planned water rate increases by one year.  Engineering for system improvements to its treatment and distribution systems began in 2016. In anticipation of constructing and issuing bonds to finance the improvements, water rates were planned to increase each year from 2017 through 2019.  However, additional time was needed to finalize plans on each project so CWS has pushed back its timeline for rate increases as well. These upgrades are needed to continue to meet state and federal requirements as well as replace old, outdated facilities within our system that no longer function efficiently.  

To meet this new timeline, CWS must increase our water user’s monthly base water rate over the next two years beginning in 2019.  The next increase of $1.50 will go into effect in January of 2019.  An additional increase is planned in 2020, but will be reviewed at that time to determine the additional increase necessary to fund the remaining projects.  As a non-profit water utility, our only means of meeting and maintaining our growing cost of operation is by increasing your water rate.  This will be the first major project requiring a significant rate increase since 2006 when similar major system improvements were undertaken.